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Customer and Employee Experience Design

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Reimagine your Customer Experiences (CX) and Employee Experiences (EX) by focusing on what matters.  By harnessing a combination of data, innovation, technology and creativity, we can create experiences that get real returns for your business.


Vision and Strategy Development

You know you need to improve your customer experience, but don't quite know where to start. We can be a strategic thought partner in helping your develop your customer and employee experience vision, roadmap and project plan, so you can get your business moving in the right direction.


Voice of Customer or Employee

Understand what people are currently experiencing, and what they want from your business. Brilliant Workplaces can help you design and  implement a Voice of Customer or Employee strategy that improves loyalty, decreases turnover/churn and drives satisfaction.


Customer and Employee Insights

Brilliant Workplaces leverages over 15 years of customer data and analytics experience to uncover the insights you need.  Let us help you design a focus group or mystery shop, create a customer panel, or conduct an ethnographic study to understand your customer better.


Operational Activation

Get out of the knowing and into the doing.  By leveraging data and current operational processes, Brilliant Workplaces can design strategies and interventions based on evidence based and best practices across many industries, that teams will enjoy adopting.


Experience Design and Improvement

Sometimes it takes an outside view to understand the current state of your customer and employee experiences.  By using a proven methodology for assessing your experience and current processes, we can help you design an experience that will boost engagement, and ultimately revenue.

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