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Brilliant Projects

a small sample.....

Every Life has a Story

The Challenge:  Teach empathy to front line service workers, so they can provide better service for customers through understanding and connection.

The Project: Develop an interactive training program that put leaders at the forefront of leading the empathy movement, introducing expectations early in the employee career, and reinforcing throughout their work and operations.

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Better Communication with Patients

The Challenge: Improve care and ratings by providing physicians and advanced care providers with skills for listening and communicating with courtesy and respect.

The Project: In conjunction with medical staff, develop a set of standard behaviors based on evidence-based practices, develop a robust training, and reinforce skills through observation, coaching and surveys. 

Being a Champion of Service

The Challenge:  Maintain customer service as an operational priority within retail operations, embedding in the daily culture. 

The Project: Create a network of champions at various levels of the organization, provide them with expertise in service behaviors and standards, and create a career path for those who excel.

Waiter with Mask.webp

Voice of the Customer

The Challenge: Understand customer experience in real time, and utilize the data to make meaningful changes.

The Project: Perform an analysis on current data uses, develop needs and select new VOC vendor, develop new training for operations on how to use data more effectively for improvements, develop KPIs and scorecards for experience.

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