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Brilliant Solutions

 From fostering a positive workplace culture to crafting memorable customer interactions, Brilliant Workplaces provides solutions to optimize employee engagement, customer loyalty, and brand perception. Unlock the potential of your organization and cultivate exceptional experiences.

Paths to Revenue

Generate New Leads

There are people out there who want to do business with you. This three-step process takes roughly 90-days and provides you with the insights and tools you need to generate new leads in a sustainable way.

Increase Customer Spend

Your sales are good, but they could be better.  This process takes roughly 90 days and provides you with the insights and tools to maximize your sales by engaging the audience you already have.

Win Against Competitors

It can be frustrating to lose to competitors.  Understand where your experience is versus the competition, and how to improve your position through this 90-day kickstart.

Generate New Leads 
Brilliant Leads Accelerator

Digital Audit

83% of a buying decision is made before you ever know a customer exists, and most of that decision is made based on how engaging your online content is. The digital audit provides a clear snapshot of your digital footprint with an action plan to move forward. 


In this audit we will:

  • Learn how you are being found in online searches & where you rank for key terms.  

  • Discover technical issues and missing components to a well-rounded strategy.  

  • Understand the digital marketplace you must navigate for visibility.  

  • Provide a trackable plan of action to move forward successfully.  

Communications Assessment

Poor communication is one of the leading causes of lost leads and lost customers. The communication assessment dives deep into your current communications, and provides a future framework to align communications and frequency. 


In this assessment we will:  

  • Conduct client surveys to learn more about where, how and why customers are buying. 

  • Understand how your team members engage with customers and your brand. 

  • Discover opportunities for communication assets, frequency, and channel mix.  

  • Provide a calendar and start producing assets that get customers and leads immediately.

Brand Experience Audit

A consistent and recognizable brand sets you apart as an established, credible business, and builds trust for customers to purchase. We will examine your brand representation to your customers, and consistency in messaging. 


In this audit we will:  

  • Clarify the brand voice of your organization, customers and team members  

  • Align assets to ensure messaging is clear, consistent and resonates with customers

End Result

brand design digital plan
  • An action plan for improving your digital presence and driving leads 

  • A brand guide with tone, voice, and use guidelines 

  • A framework and calendar for content generation to support digital plan


Increase your Current Customer Spend 
Brilliant Customer Growth Kickstart

Customer Experience Assessment

Customers who have a positive customer experience are six times more likely to remain loyal to a company.  We examine your customer data and determine which customers have the most opportunity to grow, and how to improve their experience.   


Using the Brilliant Experience Success Factors framework, we will:  

  • Conduct a baseline assessment of your customer experience  

  • Assess your customer listening (voice of customer) and operations  

  • Understand the company culture, core values and customer centricity  

  • Examine the internal and external systems causing customer friction and delight

Team Member Assessment

Being a customer-centric organization is an integral part of generating loyalty with customers.  Team member experience and understanding of their role with customers can make a big difference that can increase customer spend. 


We do this through:  

  • A baseline assessment of your employee experience. 

  • Discover what they know about the customer, their contribution and impact to the experience.  

  • Stakeholder interviews informing organizational insights and culture.  

  • Transformation readiness score and experience improvement action plan.

brilliant customer growth kickstart

End Result

  • A prioritized plan of action for customer experience improvement across the organization.  The plan will score each success factor, and provide a roadmap for focus so your organization can start implementing changes immediately.  

  • A prioritized, actionable plan for creating sales-generating team member engagement with customers. 


Win against your competition
Brilliant Customer Acquisition Kickstart

Competitive Assessment

Competitors pose a real threat and harm your revenue when they take business or attention away from you. We will conduct a deep dive into five key competitors of your choice and assess your strengths and opportunities, and then provide a plan to get those sales back.

Competitive Digital Audit 

  • We will compare websites, social media activity, customer engagement, search keyword profiles and other digital assets  

  • Provide a game plan to improve your position, authority and market strategy. 


Experience and Service Audit 

  • Discover operational issues and missing components to a well-rounded experience strategy.  

  • Understand the competitive landscape you must navigate for sales.  

  • Provide a competitive grid and action plan to move forward successfully.  


Experience Assessment  

  • Gain insights into employee and customer insights for your brand and operations  

  • Analyze organizational operations for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.   

  • Provide an action plan and prioritization of activities to win against competition.

employee experience

End Result

  • A prioritized plan to improve your position, authority and market strategy vs. the competition. 

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