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Attract, engage and retain the brightest talent

Be there and support your team members at every point of their career journey - from remote to in-person.  By providing the right processes, technology, tools and training for onboarding and beyond - we can keep your team members connected and engaged with your company for years to come.

Build a Brilliant Workplace with Employee Experience


A Brilliant Culture

A bright organizational culture attracts the right (and brightest) talent.  

Using the Brilliant Success Factors, we can diagnose gaps in culture, training, leadership development and systems and architect a culture that engages.


Onboarding for Success

Having your team members  understand their role, and how it fits into the organizational values is the key to retention.


We will help you define your team member personas, and identify the right timing and delivery methods for feeling connected to the team, getting the skills required for their role, and cultural norms.


A Bright Future

Keeping skills fresh, and recognizing team members who consistently go above and beyond and feel connected and engaged with the organization.


We can help you develop a talent development system for any budget that gets employees - and customers - engaged in fun, rewarding ways.

The result?
Engaged talent with reduced turnover,
which pays you back 3x. 

Retaining the right talent results in not having to spend time and resources in recruitment.  Team Members are more productive because they understand their role in the organization, and have the skills needed to get the job done immediately.  They are engaged and are connected to outcomes, and create better experiences for customers - increasing sales and promoting positive word of mouth.  

Your people become your best advocates - for future recruitment of employees and customers.

Start your journey to being a Brilliant Workplace by downloading our free guide

Transform your employee onboarding experience to be Brilliant.

In this guide:

  • The business case for a better onboarding experience


  • Essential information for new employees


  • Different phases of the on-boarding experience


  • A timeline for delivering key messages, and keeping employees engaged past the initial onboarding time.

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