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Loyalty starts with brilliant customer experience

Your current customers can be your biggest advocates - but are you maximizing their spend with you? By understanding their needs, Brilliant Workplaces can develop strategies to maximize their experience, transaction size and frequency.

Improve your Service and
Customer Experience


Understand needs

Customer experience starts with the customer voice.


Brilliant Workplaces has extensive experience in Voice of the Customer development and customer listening, and can establish a vision, roadmap and project plan for a customer centric culture change.


Improve operations

Activate your organization around the customer.


Brilliant Workplaces will create a operational improvement framework that gets team members involved in understanding their role in the customer experience, and how they can improve operational excellence. 


Sustainable results

Develop a system that allows continuous improvement, and works the customer voice into all aspects of the business.


Brilliant Workplaces will design a framework to sustain the focus on the customer and operational improvements into hiring, training, communications and systems.

The result?
Loyal relationships that get more referrals - and sales

Activate your customers and turn them into promoters through engagement strategy.  Have your customers drive the conversation, content and be your best advocate for your business.  Delight your customers with experiences that get them talking about your brand. 


Brilliant Workplaces can design ways to surprise and delight your customers, showing them just how much you appreciate their business while generating sales.

Creating a Brilliant Customer Experience: SupplySide

Brilliant Workplaces worked with the team at Informa Markets SupplySide to create an active and engaged virtual community to fill the gap between in-person shows. Tune in as Suzanne and Danica discuss the project, the challenges and the impact. SupplySide holds a prominent position in the health and wellness industry through trade shows and media outlets. After working with Brilliant Workplaces, SupplySide had a content hub and online community that increased customer loyalty and retention.

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