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Acquire new customers with your brand story

Your brand messaging is the key to generating new leads and attracting the talent you need.  By solidifying your brand voice, developing strategies to attract, engage and delight, we can create marketing experiences that get real returns for your business.

Build a Brilliant Brand Experience


Build the foundation

You know you need to improve your marketing, but don't quite know where to start.


We can be a strategic thought partner in helping set up a marketing organization, establish systems, develop your brand vision, roadmap and project plan, so you can meet your sales goals.


Target the right audience

Translate your company mission, vision and values into a visual experience.


Brilliant Workplaces will create a brand strategy that showcases who you are, what you offer, and most importantly - why you are the brightest and best in your industry.


Generate more sales

Develop a marketing strategy that attracts, engages and delights prospects in all phases of the buyers' journey. 


Brilliant Workplaces will design an editorial calendar and content that engages for your website, email and social channels.

The result?
Loyal relationships that get more referrals - and sales

Activate your customers and turn them into promoters.  More than just messaging, we will have your customers drive the conversation, content and be your best advocate for your business.  Delight your customers with experiences that get them talking about your brand. 


Brilliant Workplaces can design ways to surprise and delight your customers, showing them just how much you appreciate their business while generating sales.

Creating a Brilliant Brand Experience

Brilliant Workplaces worked with the experts at Connors Group LLC to bring more brand awareness to the company. Tune in as Suzanne and Chris discuss the project, the challenges and the impact. Connors Group was known as the best kept secret in industrial engineering. After working with Brilliant Workplaces, they aren't a secret any more. Learn how Brilliant Workplaces was able to amplify the Connors Group brand.

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