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At Brilliant Workplaces, we help businesses in the health and nutrition industry master the three systems to get new leads, increase their customer spending and create a loyal following. 

If you are looking to increase your sales and make it a brilliant year – our team can help. 


We use the lens of the 7 Critical Success Factors for Customer Experience to develop strategies that: 

  • Generate new leads by providing ways to improve your communications, brand and digital experience. 

  • Increase your current customer spend by diving into what customers want from your business, and where you are delivering (or not delivering). 

  • Gain a loyal following by examining the competitive landscape, and where your company (and team members) are delighting or defecting customers. 

Who will I speak to during my call? Suzanne, Founder and Chief Experience Architect at Brilliant Workplaces. Suzanne specializes in customer experience, employee experience, company culture, leadership and experience design. When it comes to creating a customer centric culture she not only has the knowledge, but the experience to know what works and want doesn't. Learn more about Suzanne.

What should I expect during my call? During your call with Suzanne, be honest about the current state of your organization and come with ideas of where you want to be. The gap between where you are and where you want to be is where Brilliant Workplaces shines. We have an excellent team that makes good organizations Brilliant!

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