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Customer Service

Be there and support your customers at every point of their journey - from digital to in-person.  By providing the right processes, technology, tools and training - we can keep your customers connected and engaged with your brand.

Happy Customer

Service is at the heart of your business

Service Vision and Strategy Development

You  know you need your service to be awesome, but don't know where to start?  Brilliant Workplaces can help you understand your current service levels, where the pain points might be for customers, and develop a roadmap to get you from OK to AMAZING.


Customer Service Training

Having your teams understand your values of customer service, behaviors and standards not only help your business, but can be motivating and engaging for teams as well.  Let us help you define your service standards, and develop a training that is fun and interactive - and keeps service top of mind throughout operations.


Service Standards and Process Development

Great customer service is built on a foundation of consistently executed standards.  By evaluating current processes, creating easy to understand scripts and processes, you can have more confidence that your customers will experience great service with every person, every time.


Employee recognition programs

Recognizing those employees who consistently go above and beyond for great service is an ideal way to showcase and encourage better service.  We can help you develop a recognition program for any budget that gets employees - and customers - engaged in fun, rewarding ways.

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