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Transform your business from good to Brilliant

Grow sales. Delight Customers. Retain talent.

We work with businesses without a marketing or experience department

who need the communications, systems and processes to grow their business from good to brilliant. 


Is your business looking to grow?  We can help to:

  • Acquire new customers by providing ways to improve marketing communications and embed your brand into the minds of potential customers.

  • Increase current customer spend by understanding customer needs and using this information to remove barriers, increase transaction size and frequency of purchases. 

  • Reduce turnover by creating a culture of engaged, productive and skilled team members, who are well prepared to serve customers and grow sales.

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Why Brilliant Workplaces?

Our belief is simple but powerful -


There are the three main ways to increase revenue, and all of them can be impacted  by improving experience


Our process is codified in what we call the Brilliant Experience Success Factors.


The success factors are derived from learning the secrets of the most profitable and strongest brands in the world.  We have integrated these factors into all of our work, services, and strategies - resulting in a consistent set of outcomes and support each other, no matter which path to revenue you start with.

Choose your path to increased revenue

Acquire new customers

Establish and grow your brand

Generate more


Activate your loyal customers

Attract and retain talent

Create a culture of brilliant people


Industry expertise




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