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At Brilliant Workplaces, we develop strategies for businesses who want to exceed their customer's expectations and stand out among the stars. 

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Customer Experience

Customer - Patient - Employee

Track, understand and engage customers, patients or employees to create loyalty and retain employees


B2B/B2C Marketing

Consulting - Retail - CPG

Design a brand, inbound marketing, account based marketing or content marketing strategy to engage customers and generate sales.


Customer Service

Retail - Healthcare - Hospitality

Design your service standards, training and processes that wow customers every time.


Culture Design

Individuals - 10K+

Team and leadership assessments, skills workshops and training that engages and maximizes potential.

What makes a Brilliant Workplace?

At Brilliant Workplaces, our philosophy is that through an inspired, collaborative culture built by effective, inspirational leaders - organizations can have productive, engaged teams that deliver exceptional customer experiences that drive sales performance.

We've been developing strategies in marketing, customer experience, customer service and team engagement for over 15 years in industries such as retail, craft food and beverage, and healthcare.


We are ideators and maximizers - taking processes that are good and make them truly brilliant.  Brilliant Workplaces is founded on helping organizations shine with the experiences they provide their customers and employees, and maximize their revenue. 


Let's make a bright future for your business!

Industry Expertise


Retail and
Personal Services


Healthcare and Hospital Systems


Hospitality and Craft Beverage

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