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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about the Brilliant Workplaces methodology

  • Why is customer experience so important and how does Brilliant Workplaces fit in?
    A remarkable customer experience is critical to the sustained growth of any business. A positive customer experience promotes loyalty, helps you retain customers, and encourages brand advocacy. (HubSpot) Brilliant Workplaces helps brands create meaningful and lasting connections with their customers. We’re more than just an agency, we’re a partner! We’ll take the time to truly understand your customers and then create the perfect plan to boost productivity, impress customers and build loyalty.
  • What kind of companies does Brilliant Workplaces work with?
    Brilliant Workplaces specializes in working with larger B2B organizations that have the following challenges: Marketing - There is a gap in their marketing resources or structure and they need to drive sales. This could be that they have no senior marketing leader, no resources for developing marketing strategy or lack the bandwidth for specific projects, like building inbound sales funnels. Experience – There is no defined customer or employee experience, leading to customer dissatisfaction or employee turnover. Customer Service – There are pain points for the customer and inconsistent service levels from employees. Their customer service team needs more training and motivation. Branding – There is a gap between the mission, vision and values of their organization and the implementation of these areas. Their branding does not effectively showcase who they are, what they do and why they are the best. Leadership – There are disengaged leaders that struggle to communicate with their teams effectively.
  • What services does Brilliant Workplaces provide?
    Customer & Employee Experience Customer experience vision & enterprise strategy development Voice of Customer strategy & implementation Customer insights & qualitative research Operational activation, adoption & accountability design Experience design & improvement strategy Marketing & Brand Strategy Marketing & brand strategy Digital marketing & website development Inbound/Outbound marketing Public Relations strategy Social Media strategy & execution Customer Service Service vision & strategy development Customer Service training – fun and interactive - proactive service, service recovery, empathy, communications Customer Service standards, policy & process development Recognition program development Leadership Development & Culture Change Assessments & profiles for individual and team development Leadership development – individual and team coaching Classroom or virtual workshops on communications, emotional intelligence, sales skills & more Everything DiSC workplace certification
  • What industries does Brilliant Workplaces work with?
    Retail Consulting Business Services Consumer Package Goods (CPG) Ingredient manufacturers and suppliers Craft Beverage
  • How is Brilliant Workplaces different from other marketing agencies?
    Brilliant Workplaces is more than just another marketing agency. We provide a much wider range of services than just social media or blogs. At the heart of every great company are great leaders and great employees. We work with you to bring the best out of your leaders and employees. Whether that’s through Brand Design or Customer Service training. Our main focus is to create an exceptional customer experience. At Brilliant Workplaces, we want you to be proud of the work that we put forward. Our team loves what they do and enjoys the process of creating and enhancing brands. We’re never pushy or salesy and we won’t nickel and dime you. If we wouldn’t produce the content for our own website, we won’t produce it for you.
  • What is onboarding like?
    Our onboarding process is purpose-built to ensure a smooth transition. Our process involves finalizing contracts, connecting with Accounting, assigning a dedicated specialist, and conducting a thorough kick-off meeting. Finalizing Contracts: Upon receiving a signed SOW, your Marketing Specialist at Brilliant Workplaces will connect with the CEO of our company to review the contract, countersign the agreement, and send it back to you for your records. Accounting: Within 72 hours of receiving a signed SOW, our Accounting Department will be in touch with a request for initial payment. Dedicated Specialist: You will be assigned a dedicated Marketing Specialist as your main point of contact. Unlike the typical "overloaded Account Manager," your specialist only leads a handful of clients. This allows each specialist the time needed to immerse themselves completely in your brand. Your specialist will act as a seamless extension of your internal team. Initial Audit & Kickoff Meeting: Prior to the client kickoff meeting, the team will have requested access to all necessary platforms and reporting tools, which will be used to perform an initial audit of all relevant systems. During the initial kickoff meeting we will spend 90 minutes reviewing working together strategies, the initial audit, project scope, timeline and more.
  • What is Brilliant Workplaces’ pricing model?
    Brilliant Workplaces has three different options when it comes to pricing. Agency of Record: A holistic approach that provides a complete strategy for an entire business or department. Brilliant Workplaces can provide services from strategy all the way to execution. Project Based: You already have a vision or strategy. Your business already knows what needs to be done but needs help with the execution. Packaged Pricing: Smaller one-off packages for a specific campaign or strategy.
  • What is the first step in becoming a Brilliant Workplace?
    Contact us. We’re ready to take your brand from good to brilliant! Phone: (315) 313-4489 Email:
  • Do you give talks, presentations or keynote speeches about Customer and Employee Experience?
    Yes! Reach out to for more information. We love providing additional value and benefits to your conferences or virtual events.
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